Cotton Brain to Clear Mind

I started my journey with Marina, as a tired, overweight and “cotton brain”. 😶‍🌫🥱

The first week starting on the program I started to notice that my deep sleep patterns improved. With more energy during the day. Week 2 my body adapted to my new eating habits. I noticed that I am able to concentrate during the day and my weight and cm is coming down.

My overall well-being improved dramatically in the first month. My cravings for sweets stopped.

The best part of the program is that Marina always supported me, I was motivated as I was kept accountable for what I was eating on a daily basis. I dropped 7kg in 2 months and lost 9cm around my tummy. If you are serious about your health I would recommend you contact Marina.


Happy Hormones – Happy Skin

I’m currently on my personalised health program and doing great. I am seeing indications that my hormones are correcting such as loosing extra weight, my skin clearing up and no issues around menstruation cycles. I appreciate the daily check ups and the advice I have gotten in addressing any concerns along the way. I feel that I better understand my body and what it needs, and know that I will reach my body goals.


Happy Times Ahead

I just completed my two-month program with BBHC and have seen clear improvements. My mental clarity has improved. I used to have a mental fog, and that lifted and didn’t come back. My skin feels smoother and healthier. I also used to get breakouts, and that disappeared after a few weeks. I lost 5 kgs, which was exactly what I was aiming for, and I feel cleaner and healthier. I’d highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to improve their health or lose weight!


From Fat to Fit

I embarked on an adventure 8 weeks ago, when I started the Best Body Health Coaching program. The health improvements that I have had is just amazing! I look and feel great. People that I run into want to know what gym I am going to, but even though I did engage in light exercise over this time, it is only a small piece of what made this successful.

I lost 12kg in 8 weeks. That is 24, 500g butter blocks of fat! Go take 24 blocks at the supermarket and put them in a basket and carry them around! That will give you a good idea.

I have also had great wins a few years back, when I did something similar. It included cutting out sugar and refined carbs and intermittent fasting. Back then I lost 19kg over 2 years. But due to lack of support and really understanding what was happening to my body, I could not sustain it and slumped back into a lifestyle of eating wrong, and feeling physically crap, with mind fog and getting more and more concerned and self conscious about my health and weight.

What made this program different is that you have someone coaching you through the challenges and barriers, telling you exactly what to do as issues come up. And in the process you also learn a hell of a lot. Now that I’m done with the program I am CERTAIN, that I will not slump back and that I will continue to be in good shape and be healthy.

For the first time since 2003 I have started doing weight lifting again and I can already see good response from my body. I used to not have enough energy to get out of bed to exercise in the morning and in the evenings after work I had even less!

Now I wake up refreshed, and excited each day and I have been doing weight lifting for the last two weeks after having completed the 2 month coaching program. On top of that I have a stable mood during the day, no mood swings! And I have a mental clarity that I cannot explain to you. I was aware that I had some mental fog, but was not aware how much fog, until it lifted and went away about 2 weeks into the program.

My energy levels are through the roof! I mean I think I have more energy at 42 than I had when I was 20! And I am not exaggerating! This 2 month program has put me on the fast track to better health and set me up for a much better quality of life going forward!

Thank you very much to Marina & Nick! This was truly life saving!


Less Stress and Anxiety

I started my journey with BBHC a few months back and have had fantastic results. I had a baby two and a half years ago and was just not able to lose that last bit of postpartum fat. I then had a very thorough interview with Marina and she was able to spot exactly what was out in my body and the program she drew up for me was spot-on. I started feeling less stressed and anxious all the time in just a few days of being on the program and the weight just started falling off. I’m not a big person so I didn’t have a lot to lose but the 7kgs that I lost in the two months on the program was exactly what I needed to lose to look and feel like myself again! After completing my two-month program, I have just carried on with it as it is now just my lifestyle, and I am still losing weight and toning my body, continuing to WIN and feeling great. Thank you so much Marina and Nick. I would highly recommend Best Body Health Coaching to anyone and everyone!



Been on the Best Body Programme with Nick for just over three weeks. Having lived and worked in the Middle East for several years I found myself incredibly unfit and out of shape due to long working hours and as a result bad eating habits. After returning to South Africa I knew it was time to repair the damage and I contacted Nick for help. To my amazement I lost 9kg in just over 3 weeks. The first few weeks were difficult I must be honest but with Nicks daily contact and end encouragement and guidance I got through it and now find myself well into the Programme. It has been life changing and the results speak for themselves. This Programme is the way forward and I don’t see myself ever deviating from this lifestyle. My confidence and energy is coming back which feels great.

– SC


I used to weigh 82kg, fit, active, agile and very well built. Life was good until I started to pick up serious weight. For nearly 30 years I have been obesely overweight with certain health issues. I have tried Keto and many other diets, but none worked as effectively as this programme is currently doing.
I started with the programme with clear instructions and a clear goal that I will achieve.
Two weeks in, following the programme to a tee, I have lost 6kg’s and counting.
My vitality and vigour of old is returning, the fog is lifting bringing clarity to my way of life. I don’t crave the foods that I once did. Sure, I love bread and coffee but right now I am on a journey to fix myself and ensure that I remain healthy and have a body that functions like it should.
Thank you, Nick for a great product and great service. Thank you for following up with me on a continuous daily basis, ensuring that I do not deviate in any way and that I am doing it right.
The results thus far have been and are refreshing. I believe that I reach my ideal state in 2 months.

– BQ


It is just as advertised. Blown away!

– NB


Week 1 complete.
4.6kgs down this morning. 🥳🥳🥳🥳
Wasn’t without its hardships. Had some headaches and body aches and a some small inner tantrums begging me for a surgery carb fix🤣.
But I’m through it and I feel like a different person. 🥰

– CH