How The Program Works


Our program is built around the 4 main body types. These body types are not genetic or hereditary, they are created by diet and lifestyle and a break down in the endocrine system.

Everyone is different as we live different lifestyles and in different parts of the world, but there are 4 main breakdown that happen. These breakdowns usually affect different parts of the endocrine system.
The breakdowns are split into these main categories the liver, adrenals, ovaries, and thyroid, and usually the pancreas. Sometimes there is a breakdown of more than one category such as adrenals and liver. This would shape the body a certain way and have clearly recognizable features.
When we have identified where the problem lies with the persons body after a careful inspection of the required Photographs and the completed questionnaire, we put together a personalized nutrition program.
The client will then get started with the help of one of our coaches and will be closely monitored throughout the 2 months. Usually WhatsApp is used to communicate, but other platforms are also used.