Less Stress and Anxiety

I started my journey with BBHC a few months back and have had fantastic results. I had a baby two and a half years ago and was just not able to lose that last bit of postpartum fat. I then had a very thorough interview with Marina and she was able to spot exactly what was out in my body and the program she drew up for me was spot-on. I started feeling less stressed and anxious all the time in just a few days of being on the program and the weight just started falling off. I’m not a big person so I didn’t have a lot to lose but the 7kgs that I lost in the two months on the program was exactly what I needed to lose to look and feel like myself again! After completing my two-month program, I have just carried on with it as it is now just my lifestyle, and I am still losing weight and toning my body, continuing to WIN and feeling great. Thank you so much Marina and Nick. I would highly recommend Best Body Health Coaching to anyone and everyone!


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