I used to weigh 82kg, fit, active, agile and very well built. Life was good until I started to pick up serious weight. For nearly 30 years I have been obesely overweight with certain health issues. I have tried Keto and many other diets, but none worked as effectively as this programme is currently doing.
I started with the programme with clear instructions and a clear goal that I will achieve.
Two weeks in, following the programme to a tee, I have lost 6kg’s and counting.
My vitality and vigour of old is returning, the fog is lifting bringing clarity to my way of life. I don’t crave the foods that I once did. Sure, I love bread and coffee but right now I am on a journey to fix myself and ensure that I remain healthy and have a body that functions like it should.
Thank you, Nick for a great product and great service. Thank you for following up with me on a continuous daily basis, ensuring that I do not deviate in any way and that I am doing it right.
The results thus far have been and are refreshing. I believe that I reach my ideal state in 2 months.

– BQ

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